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Do reading glasses help astigmatism?

Can people with astigmatism wear reading glasses? Does reading glasses correct astigmatism?
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  • Nathan harris


    People with astigmatism can wear reading glasses, but it doesn't mean that getting a pair of reading glasses at some drug store can easily help astigmatism correction. Presbyopia is different from astigmatism. Presbyopia is a problem with aging. The lens can't change the shape easily to get focus on up close details. While astigmatism is a refractive problem with wrong and uneven curvature which makes everything blurry or doubled in the patient's eyes. A refractive surgery can fix astigmatism but have no effect on presbyopia. To get astigmatism with reading glasses, you need to visit your oculist. Have your own astigmatism prescription added to the reading glasses, thus the pair of glasses could solve your presbyopia as well as astigmatism problem. Don't choose the glasses without a test. Wrong glasses will only make the eye problem worse. If you are brave, you can have a refractive surgery to correct your astigmatism too. I dare not to try.
  • Andri


    Hello, astigmatism is very complicated, and it can only correct you astigmatism when you wear them, if you take them off, your vision will get blurry too. Reading glasses can not cure your astigmatism problem, that's to say glasses aren't going to eliminate the asigmatism.What's more, you need to have your eyes checked once a year at least. Pay attention to that, good luck!
  • b3autiful___


    People with astigmatism should wear the eye glasses with astigmatism role, not the reading glasses. The read glasses are especially used for those people who can't see the near things clearly. Usually those people are the old people who are above the ages. If the eye in different warp of refractive status or the diopter is not consistent, your corneal surface curvature radius is not a spherical. The eye is in the absence of control mode. The eye of different warp inflectional after in the retina can't form a focus. There is the formation of focal line. The retina of the objective image blurs the refractive error state which is called astigmatism. They need to wear the eyeglasses with the astigmatism role which could make them see things in the focused state.
  • Zoe


    Yes, you can expected to get a pair of reading glasses for both presbyopia and astigmatism as long as the lenses are made according to your prescription including the SPH, CYL, Aixs, and ADD etc. In fact, you just need provide your prescription to an optician. S/he know how to make your eyeglasses so as to help you.
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