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How to tell the difference between pink eye and a clogged tear duct?

Does clogged tear duct similar to pink eye? What's their differences?
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  • Jenya


    They are totally different two kinds of eye conditions, with similar symptoms but different causes. Tear duct is called a lacrimal duct or a nasolacrimal duct, which refers to the drainage way of tear from eyes to nose. There are several glands on eyelids which are responsible for producing tear. Tear is very important for eyes. It can nourish and clean eyes, lubricate them and kill 90% bacteria in eyes. However if it can’t be drained, people will develop watery tears flowing over eyelids and cheeks, pain, blurry vision, swelling eyes and thick discharge. While pink eye refers to the infection of conjunctiva, with typical symptoms of redness, itching, grittiness and also some discharge. Pink eye can cause watery eyes also, yet not as serious as blocked tear duct. Pink eye is often strong catagious, while tear duct clogged is not. Block eye duct is often happen to new born infants. Sometimes the infection of pink eye might cause tear duct blocked. Apply some warm compress, most pinkeye cases can resolve without need for other treatment. If it is blocked tear duct, use some warm saline water to wash eyes which can help control infection and inflammation. Massage the inner corner of eyes near to the nose bridge, this light force might help break through the blockage.
  • Luke shelley


    Pink eyes, known as conjunctivitis, are caused by infection with redness and swelling on the eyelid and eye surfaces. People with pink eyes usually have red eyes that is a very visible sign. If you have red eyes and feel itches, pain, you shall visit an doctor for a eye check. However, a clogged tear duct is a problems that at any point in the tear drainage system from in the tear drainage system. If you suffer it, the tears won't drain properly to keep your eyes moist. From this point, people with a clogged tear duct may also suffer dry eyes.

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