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Can coughing cause eye pain?

My eyes feel pain when i cough. Why? Can coughing cause eye pain? Or what can causes it?
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  • waldron143


    Coughing can cause eye pain for sure, and it may cause the discomfort of your nose too. Because all the organs are connected by nerves and blood vessels. When people have a cold, they're easily to get eyes problem, coryza, ears problem at the same time. So you'd better take some pills to reduce the inflammation. Don't get in a draught, before you aren't well yet.
  • ryan


    Yes, coughing may cause eye pain because of the interlinked nerves between eyes and throat. You'd better use the medicine to cure your cough. In addition, you could also use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and better. If you feel pain at the eyes, you could use the eyes drops to release it.
  • cook


    I think it is not your coughing cause eye pain, but the cold. As we all known, eye problems can be caused by many reasons, for instance, headaches, nasal obstruction and heart diseases. So here I guess your eye pain may be caused by your cold. The individual runs a fever or get cold may easily suffer infection. When virus and bacteriosis follow you, your eyes, nose and throat will all feel uncomfortable. Of course, cold is not the only factor that let you suffer eye pain, your own basic eye problems may also do a favor. So the best way to solute your confusion is visit a doctor and take a thorough eye exam to determine the real reasons for your eye pain. By the way, eye strain and eye dry can cause several eye diseases, so take good a rest and stay fit when you feel uncomfortable on your eyes.