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Can coffee make your eyes puffy?

In recent day, i drink a cup of coffee everyday to refresh myself. Buy my friend said that drinking too much coffee can cause puffy eyes. Is that true? Why?
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  • Erin jackson


    It depends, different people have different situation. Some people's eyes can easily get puffy if they drink coffee because their body system can cope with that much coffeine, then puffy eyes appear as a symptom. On the contrary, other people can drink coffee to cure puffy eyes. Because coffee can help people letting the extra liquid out of our body. No matter what, do not drink coffee before sleep.
  • walkietalkie1


    According to the research, the coffee is beneficial to health which can prevent cancer and delay ageing. But drinking too much amount of coffee will cause harm to health. Coffee contains caffeine which can let the nervous system high and cause insomnia to be excited. It will cause the nervous tension. If you absorb too much caffeine, you will be prone to have tinnitus heart hyperfunction which is the beating of the heart. The rapid pulse rate increases and the pulse are uneven. The puffy eyes will be stimulated in the nerves. You should not drink too much coffee. You need to use the warm compress to make you feel comfortable at the eyes. The hot cloth covered on the eyes will release your puffy eyes. You need to eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.

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