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Can old contacts make you tired ?

My eyes feel tired when i wear my old contact lenses. Why? Shall i take it off?
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  • walkingalone121


    You'd better not to wear old contact lenses, they are not in their valid periods, it will cause lots of trouble if you wear them. Tiredness of eyes is just the beginning. Take it off immediately, then wash your eyes with pure water or physiological saline. Then use some artificial tears to relieve your eyes. Buy new contact lenses, and drop them if they are out of date.
  • Michelle percy


    You should absolutely take off the old contact lenses which will be bad for your eyes. If the old contact lenses are over the expired time, you may find that the water content will lose the function. You may feel easily dry at the eyes. Your eyes may easily get infection. You'd better take it off to change the new contact lenses.