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Caleb murphy


Can an optometrist diagnose eye infection?

Is it really bad to suffer eye infection? Can i visit an optometrist to diagnose my eyes for the infection? How?
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  • Diane Rhone


    Yes, it is really bad to suffer eye infection. As far as I know, most optometrists have the ability to diagnose some common eye problems such as dry eyes, eye infection and so on. Because diagnosing has been their practice before they begin their career. So you can visit an optometrist, I think he can diagnose your eyes for infection.
  • chris R


    I think it is bad to suffer eye infection. Not to mention it is itching, gritty, vision blurred and painful, just the redness, swelling eyelids and discharge already are unbearable for girls. There are different types of eye infections which requires different treatment. I think it would be a better idea to visit your oculist over an optometrist who can't give you any eye examination on eye infection. The oculist could tell what caused your infection, and give you right suggestion on treatment and also could prescribe you some suitable medication which could help you accelerate the process of recovery. There are different bacterial or virus or fungal can cause eye infection. And there are also various infections occurred to different part of eyes. Some infection is very serious, which might last for months or even years and might lead to blindness finally. So I think it is better to see the ophthalmologist if possible. Please note don't wear contact lenses until you are healed.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Yes, it is really bad for you to suffer eye infection. The optometrist will diagnose your eyes for the infection. If you get the eyes infection, your eyes will feel uncomfortable and have the unusual symptom after you get the eyes drops during the eyes exam. You need to use some ways to cure it after you know it. You should not skip such thing which will be so important for your eyes.