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Why do my eyes cross when i'm drunk

It is weird that i get eye cross, especially when i am get drunk. Why?
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  • Blanca C.


    Hello, people can become cross eyed after drinking and especially when they are drunk. This happens because people's reaction sensors are inhibited by the alcohol you take. You need to pay attention to that if you feel that you get cross eyed very serious and you can not control yourself a lot, you may need treatment now,which can strengthen and straighten the eyes.
  • Robert Potter


    Eye cross is one kind of strabismus, which refers to a condition which eyes are failed to coordinate with each other properly. With eye cross, when the patient look at some object, with one eye fixes on the object while the other eye fixes on somewhere else. Possible causes for strabismus including imbalance of eyes and facial muscles, brain disorder, congenital reason and tumors and scarring. We know that when people get drunk, people usually lose control of normal abilities, for example, talking, walking as well as the movement of eyes. If it is extremely serious or obvious, I think it is better to have an eye test by oculist. The doctor will introduce your some possible cure options for your crossed eyes. According to different situation, possible treatments include eyeglasses or contact lenses, patching on the good eye to make the other stronger (we can find many children wearing patching), certain medication injection and surgery.
  • Danrtsey


    Um I think that is because when your drunk your intoxicated, you ought to talk to a doctor about this. You might need to do some eye-muscle exercises.