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Jacob adams


How much is a good pair of varifocal lenses?

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  • Luke oliver


    Under normal condition, they are more expensive if you buy them from local store, but i often buy them online, such as,,and so on, there has many good varifocal lense, the price depends on your personal choice.
  • Sue Livingston


    Zeiss lenses make the best camera glasses in most people opinion and so I would guess that would mean they make the same quality lenses for glasses. I bought a pair of Zeiss varifocals from a small private opticians in London about a few years ago. They cost me a small fortune but I have to say that they really made a difference to my vision.
  • Rebecca


    Depends if you are buying them online or at the opticians. If it's the Opticians then you won't get a great lens for under $200 but the Varilux Comfort would be my choice as it's one of the easiest lenses to adapt to.If you are buying them online from this website (online glasses direct) then I note that they sell the Zeiss GT2 which a great lens and a fantastic online price $220 as they are normally around $350 in the high street. If you really need to go under $200 then go for the Hoya Summit Pro (trueform), it is a superb lens and I've never heard of anyone having problems with it. The Summit pro trueform is an extremely underated lens in my opinion and we get great feedback from the patients who wear thses in the opticians I work at.
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