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J Bell


Does anyone konw who makes gucci sunglasses?

Gucci sunglasses are cool and fashion. But it is also expensive. Can you tell me who makes Gucci sunglasses?
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  • catgay2005


    Gucci is a world-renowned brand because of its impeccable Italian craftsmanship. In addition, it owns the unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority. It is established in Florence in 1921. As we know, its iconic Made In Italy style has become synonymous with the characters of elegance, sophistication and desirability. Made in Italy, it is an integral part of the essence of Gucci and goes beyond being a mere slogan. As a big luxurious brand, the gucci sunglasses are so popular at the fashionable design and excellent quality. It is Guccio Gucci that creates the products of gucci products, including the sunglasses. They are still so hot today for its excellent quality and fashionable design.
  • walentynka


    You should know that Gucci is a internationally known brand which was founded in Florence in 1921. It is so widely known that most people have heard about it. Now they are one of the most luxurious and expensive brands. As you can see, they are founded in Italy,so of course it is made by Italian. I personally like it very much for its supreme quality and perfect design. You may look for more information on the Internet.

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