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Where can i buy calcutta sunglasses?

I am looking for calcutta sunglasses. Can you tell me where i can bought that sunglasses?
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  • John C.


    I have just seen a type of calcutta sunglasses on the amazon website. The price there is suitable. As we know, the quality of products at the amazon is good which has great reputation. You could go to the amazon to find more about the calcutta sunglasses with the suitable type that you want.
  • Jonathan tuener


    Perhaps I have to introduce to you some information about the brand, actually, it is an India eyewear producer which is specialized in making glasses of different types. Since it is not widely known, you will have to buy then through the Internet, for they have few stands or stores in America. I recommend Alibaba for you, which is a good e-commerce website full of various sunglasses, just type in calcutta, and you will find them.

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