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Are dark circles under eyes hereditary?

Is dark circle under eyes hereditary? Or what cause it? Is there anyway i can get rid of it?
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  • Tyler charles


    Yes, it is. Genes are one common cause of dark circles. A few types of dark circles may be hereditary. Most dark circles are caused by allergies, which can be hereditary. Hereditary dark circles under the eyes look just like other types. They show up as round, uniform areas of darker skin underneath the eyes. The difference is that hereditary dark circles are determined by genetics, thus you can do things to make them look worse or better. However, you could not decide whether or not have them. In order to light hereditary dark circles, you should avoid drinking too much alcohol or consuming caffeinated drinks, even stop smoking if you do that. On the other side, you can put tomato slice to lighten the dark circle due to the lycopene can lighten the skin.
  • handril


    If you are the anemia with hereditary, the dark circles under the eyes may belong to the hereditary. However, it is rare to see this situation. You may lack of sleep or stay up too late at night which cause the dark circles under your eyes. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes and adopt some skin protection products to get rid of the dark circles under the eyes.

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