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How to keep contact lenses from moving?

This is the first time i buy contact lenses. But i feel that the contact lenses moves in my eyes especially when i blink eyes. So, IS there anyway that can help me keep the contact lenses from moving?
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  • Melanie smith


    There are two reasons causing the contact lenses to move in your eyes, one is that you may wear the reverse side of the contact lenses, thus you can take them out gently and wear them again in the right way. The other one is that the contact lenses do not fit you. Contact lenses have their arc, which varies because the size of eyeball differs from person to person. If the arc of the lenses is greater than the arc of eyeball, then the lenses are prone to move. Lenses that aren't fit are liable to cause vision fluctuation and dropping of lenses, even lead to corneal infection due to frequent stimulation to the eyeball. Therefore, I advice you to get the right lenses in the professional shop as early as possible.
  • cabanaboy01


    We have the same experience when i buy contact lenses the first time. Because contacts float on the eye, blinking can cause them to move around. Contacts usually move several millimeters each time a person blinks, and then automatically 'recenter' and float back to the correct position over the pupil. Personally,you can talk to your eye doctor,they can get you contacts designed specifically for astigmatism.This is my solution and i think it's useful for you.I hope it can resolve your problem.
  • Otis Crockett


    Contact lenses are rinsed and coated in the eye's tears as they are worn, and they are made to "float" on the eye. As a result of this floating a small amount of lens movement as the eye shifts and moves is considered healthy and normal. Because contacts float on the eye, blinking can cause them to move around. Contacts usually move several millimeters each time a person blinks, and then automatically 'recenter' and float back to the correct position over the pupil.
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