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Johnny W.


Blue eyes vs. brown eyes vs. green eyes, which one is better?

I want to buy colored contact lenses. So, i am here to ask some ideas. Blue eyes, brown eyes and green eyes, which one is better?
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  • Brian Clem


    A large number of people like you wanna buy colored contact lenses because of their fashionable style. One thousand readers have one thousand Hamlett.Blue eyes,brown eyes and green eyes are good for different people.As for me,i think blue eyes are better than others.There are three reasons to make clear.Firstly,blue eyes attract and reflects light, light colored eyed people are able to see better at night than brown eyed people.Secondly, Blue eyes are considered very attractive because of it's bright color which also brightens a person's face and skin.Thirdly,Blue eyes improve appearance in photos, taken especially at night because of it's bright color.Of course,it's my personal idea.It's up to you.
  • Caroline bell


    If you are an Asian person, I think the brown eyes by using the colored contact lenses will be more attractive which will add more charm for you. Your eyes may more look like a foreign person. However, it is depended on your favor. The brown eyes will be matched with many clothing and its color will be charming.

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