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Savannah percy


Are callaway sunglasses polarized?

Have you heard of callaway sunglasses? Are they made with polarized lenses?
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  • James


    Yes, the callaway sunglasses are not all made with polarized lenses. But they all own the character of uv protection. However some callaway sunglasses are made with polarized lenses. If you have this kind of need, you could buy the polarized lenses to drive and fish which may filter the damaging lights for you.
  • Brandon evelyn


    You should know that Callaway is a golf instruments manufacturer which was founded in American in 1982. Now they begins to produce a wide range of products for outdoor activities, including sunglasses. However, the question about whether their sunglasses are polarized is quite easy, I can say, they must be selling polarized sunglasses but not every pair of them is polarized, understand? Since there are a lot of types.

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