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J Bell


My right eye is a little blurry after Lasik. What's going on there?

Here's my experience after lasik. My right eye is a little blurry than the left one. It's noticeable only when i close my left eye and try to read something on the far away. Is there anything that time can do about it? Or this is with me forever too? Even stopping the other drops i still have a little heat on my eyes. How long this will last? Asking my doctor, she kept insisting that it is normal and will cease by time. Is it true?
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  • dale


    The slightly blurred vision in your right eye may be due to residual shortsightedness or astigmatism that has not been fully corrected by Lasik. It is unlikely that it would improve over time. However if you are bothered by the blurred vision, you can consider Lasik enhancement to improve your vision. The burning sensation is probably due to dry eyes. This can persist can for 6-12 months after Lasik. You should continue the lubricating eye drops during this time.
  • etje


    Numerous factors can effect how long your vision takes to improve after LASIK including your prescription (far sighted prescriptions or large treatments take much longer to clear up), so your healing time may not be similar to other person. A week after surgery is still very early. Having said that, most people are noticing improvement by this time, so your surgeon will want to make sure that your intra-ocular pressure is normal and nothing else is affecting your vision.