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Mackenzie rose


Did I scratch my eyes when taking offing my contacts?

Last day night, when taking off my contacts, my eyes got a sharp pain, then looking into the mirror, I saw three red lines! Will that heal itself? Do I need to exam it at my eye doctor? Or just leave it alone? I am guessing I was infected or have the possibility to suffer other eye diseases! HELP!!!!
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  • Jonathan griffin


    If it only hurts your eyeball, then you don't need to care about it. It is believed eyeball is the quickest healing surfaces of your body. However, you should pay attention to your eyes, if it doesn't get better in three days, please go to your eye doctor for help.
  • c_wilde


    So sorry to hear your problem, I suggest you have your nails trimed frequently and remember to wash your hands everytime when taking on or off your contacts, or your eyes maybe infected easily. I pay much attention to my eyes, If I were you, I will go to my eye doctor for help ASAP.
  • croatiadiary


    Yes, a scratch on cornea must be painful but it would be recovered soon if not hurt much. BUT if it doesn't recover in few days and still be painful, go to your MD for help. And don't wear your contacts anymore until your eye is fully healed.

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