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Is sunlight an important factor in preventing myopia?

I heard that sunlight is an important factor in preventing myopia? Is that true? How does it work?
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  • Justin


    Calgary's Dr. Dianna Leong explains that during the short, winter days, we should spend an hour or two outside each day. There are potential causes of myopia. The first one is genetics. If both parents have myopia, the children may have 30-40% chances of getting myopia. If there is only one parent has myopia, the chances lowers to 20-25%. The second one is computer or smart phone use which will cause eye strain or myopia. the third one is that if our eyes go longer than it should, they may suffer from eye fatigue as well, which may lead to short eyesight and burry. Spend two hours in the sun each day can help cure myopia. Since there is no easy way to cure myopia, we should avoid possible causes of myopia and keep a healthy balanced activity in every day. Hope this helped!
  • cnpriest


    Maybe it is good for our eyes. But I won't suggest you to spend two hours in the sun in summer because too much exposure to sunlight will lead to macular degeneration or cataracts when we get older.
  • Zoe Wang


    spending time outdoors may help prevent or minimize nearsightedness in children. A study conducted in Taiwan, which is the first to use an educational policy as a public vision health intervention, finds that when children are required to spend recess time outdoors, their risk of nearsightedness is reduced.
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