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Vanessa george


Why don't celebrities wear glasses?

I noticed that there are many celebrities that prefer sunglasses. But there are seldom celebrities that wear glasses. Why?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Let's see why celebrities like sunglasses. First of all, they need sunglasses as shields from ultraviolet and protect their eyes and facial skin.Sunglasses prevent the eyes from direct exposure to the sun. This is also the basic use of sunglasses. Second, they may don't actually like sunglasses, but they need them. As celebrities, they have less privacy. Every move of them are under focus. They need sunglasses to make themselves not that well-marked in private time. Last bu not the least, celebrities are the fashion trend leader. They want to look cool and in, so they need sunglasses. In comparison, glasses only help to correct vision problems. When they first come out, they have dull frames. When someone wear full frame glasses, other may think this person as nerd, geek or something. Therefore, just you know why celebrities prefer sunglasses.
  • Angelica giles


    Your question is so cute. In the first place, celebrities like going out with big sunglasses which can cover their faces in order to cause unnecessary troubles. In the next place, celebrities have to pay attention to their image, wearing glasses for a long time which can make the nose cartilage injury to tarnish their public image. what's more, celebrities would rather wear contact lenses than glasses, they believe that the persons who wear glasses are less attractive, they would rather have the beauty. At the end, glasses is to visually disabled people, nobody want to wear thick glasses without beauty or safe. You can see they wear glasses who have vision problems in the state of leisure, but now some sunglasses have the function of glasses, so why not kill two birds with one stone?
  • Gabriella


    Sunglasses can be a kind of accessories for people. There are various kinds of colors and shapes of sunglasses which you can choose to wear according to your personal face shape and clothing style. Not only celebrities but also many common people nowadays choose to wear sunglasses because sunglasses can make themselves look more fashionable and stylish. Besides, some sunglasses are of preventing ultraviolet light from hurting people's eyes, which also makes sunglasses a more desirable choice when people are outside and exposed in the sun. Many people who wear sunglasses are of course near-sighted, but they can choose to wear sunglasses because of the ultraviolet light in the outdoors. In addition, people can also wear eye contacts instead of glasses and then wear sunglasses, thus they can see clearly as well as getting their eyes prevented from the sun. For further information about sunglasses and eye contacts, you can refer to the following website: