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Why do your eyelids hurt when you blink your eyes?

Help! My eyelids hurt when every time I blink my eyes. What's wrong with my eyes? How to relieve it?
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  • Eric quick


    Dear friend, you can check your eyelid by yourself to see whether there are some stye in your eyelid. I got a stye in my eyelid last month. It make my eyelid hurt. styes are small or big lumps on our eyelid. And they look like yellow or white pimples. You can wash your hands with soaps and then open your eyelid with fingers to see whether there are something looks like pimples in your eyes. If you have, you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. Good luck!
  • en_liten_glimt


    Maybe you just get an inflammation in your eyes. Do you have other symptoms such as redness or swollen eyelids? You can open your eyelid with fingers after wash your hands carefully. Usually there are some blood vessels in the inside of our eyelids. But if the inside of your eyelid are very red, and you can see lots of blood vessels, you may get an inflammation in this part. I think you'd better see an eye doctor immediately. Hope this helped!
  • claudiagonza82


    Have you got something in your eyes? Sometimes eyelashes in the inside of your eyelids may cause pains every time you blink it. You may need to remove eyelashes at this time. Once my grandma asked me to pluck her eyelashes for a few of them grow inward and this caused pains every time she blink her eyes.