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James green


What should I do to adjust plastic sunglasses?

I want my plastic sunglasses fit me better so I want to adjust them. How can I do that?
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  • Tessence


    To adjust the plastic sunglasses, you shall first lose the screw of the arms from the glasses with the small screwdriver. Then, pull the arm out to make the sunglasses wider, or have the ends of the arms closer together to make the sunglasses fit tighter. Then, fasten the screw that you loosen tightly. Now, your sunglasses be adjusted, you can try on your plastic sunglasses to see if well adjusted.
  • Shelby


    First, you should make sure whether your sunglasses are bendable or not. Some material such as titanium, memory metal, memory plastic are bendable that it can return to the shape of the back after stretching. If your sunglasses are just common plastic instead of memory plastic, it will be much more inconvenient. You should firstly heat the frame, and then carefully adjust it according to your own favor. But there is a problem that it stands a good chance to ruin the frame. It is really very risky. So I suggest you to change another new pair of sunglasses of bendable materials. There are a lot of new styles and various choices.
  • Joshua?


    If your sunglasses bent a little at angles or are out of shape as a result of some reasons, there are some tips for you. Firstly, you can repair them by yourself if the sunglasses are just a little out of shape or it is made of titanium,memory metal and memory plastic. You can bend it back just with your fingers or some other tools. What's more, I still suggest you to wrap a cloth around these sunglasses, for you may scratch the lens and frames. Secondly, if your plastic sunglasses are badly out of shape, I think you'd better go to the glasses stores to find some technicians to repair it.