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Jade scott


What to do when your eyes won't focus ?

It is so strange. I have perfect vision, but i can't focus correctly. What should i do?
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  • Joshua?hall


    According to your specified personnel, there is something wrong with you, or your cabinet. As a matter of fact, there are are always some ways to conquer that problem. It is likely that your problem is resulted from astigmatism, which is quite impressive and cool. So I would to recommend some medical checkup at a good hospital. You really have to take care and do not let it be .
  • Holly


    When your eyes won't focus, you may be very tired at the eyes. You need to have the good rest for the eyes. You could also use the eyes drops now to release your symptom and make your eyes get moisture. You could also do the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable and moisture. You should not sit in front of the computers for a long time with little rest.
  • Chris L.


    To the best of my knowledge, you may have vision problems if your eyes won't focus. In terms of another, you may stare at something for a long time, which let your eyes fatigue. eyes which are beautiful are our visual organs, they are strong and fragile, we should learn to protect our eyes from hurt. If you always use your eyes to watch TV, paper, and so on, it is inevitable for you to focus nothing.

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