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Why do my eyelashes keep sticking together?

It is so strange that my eyelashes keep sticking together. It make me ugly. What makes this happen? Any idea?
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  • Matthew baker


    Using mascara can make eyelashes sticking together. Fortunately, there are many methods of separate lashes easily as following: 1. Curl your eyelashes before using mascara; 2. Use an eyebrow brush comb for eyelashes that stick together; 3. Choose the mascara that is specifically made to keep from eyelashes sticking together; Through the above methods to keep your eyelashes looks long, curl, and separated.
  • Nathan harris


    Well, it would be hard for anyone of us to get such problem unless your eyes are sick or something. Generally speaking, this is resulted from an eye infection, lack of sleep, stress, red eyes, pink eyes, etc. So you must try to get some health awareness and be careful when you are alone ok? Just take care.
  • Elijah leslie


    Whether you do the eye makeup by using the eye shadow that makes your eyelashes keep sticking together can cause the result of yours. You may have more sweat which causes it too. You need to wash your face, especially on your eyelashes with the clean water. After they are dried, they will be separated. You could have a try and it is very simple.

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