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Ana evelyn


Are glasses necessary for mild myopia?

I am nearsighted with -3.00 prescription for both eyes. Is it necessary to wear glasses for me? Is there any hope that i can regain perfect vision?
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  • Jean Caster


    From what you said actually, I can see that there is nothing serious with your eyes. So, it would be unwise for you to wear glasses on a regular basis, however, you could get some correcting lenses from the hospital, which are designed to improve your vision when your myopia is not serious. Of course if you follow the doctor's advice and pay attention to your eye health and your use of eyes, your problem would be solved.
  • Jada shelley


    It's necessary to wear glasses. Some people afraid that after wearing galsses, myopia will be heavier. However, it's not true. the use of glasses or contact lenses does not affect its progression. In fact, because of using eyes frequently, muscle of eyes is easy to get tired. After wearing glasses things become clearer and eyes get relax. To some degree, glasses can prevent myopia. Generally speaking, myopia of -3.00 diopters or less called low myopia. So you can try the following methods, including wearing galsses, eye drops, and participating in more outdoor activities. I was nearsighted with -2.50 diopters, now i am nearsighted with -1.00 after graduation. So i believe you can have perfect vision again.
  • Victor Lee


    The fact is that myopia will progress and you might benefit if you wears glasses now and there is a chance that you can prevent this condition to advance later in life. What did your doctor suggest? Did he tell you that you needs to wear glasses right now?
    The complete method to regain perfect vision is a combination of exercises, breathing, diet, posture and learning to use your body the right way. This way it takes much longer to get results but they will last longer.
  • Bart


    I can't think of a situation where I would tell a nearsighted patient he had to wear his glasses for reading. Now you have a second optometrist opinion. It is OK to leave them off when you read or work on computer. Just don't lose them.

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