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Thomas keith


How to replace earpiece on glasses?

Is there any way that can replace the earpiece on glasses? Can you teach me?
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  • exxxtazzzy


    It seems that you are not very happy with the design or something about the earpiece on the glasses. Anyway, it would take some time and money to do that, so that is not a wise decision, So I would like to recommend you try to get another good pair of glasses frames, which would give you whatever effect you want. Amazon or Ebay would be a good option, Just take it easy, you'll get what you seek,
  • Colleen


    You could just put off the earpiece on glasses firstly. Then you could hang it on one side of the frames of eyeglasses. It will be so cool if you replace the earpiece on glasses. You could just have a try and it is so simple. When you use, you could just put it in your ears and it is very convenient.
  • Victor Lee


    Contact the store where you bought your eyeglasses and ask if the store can acquire a matching or similar replacement earpiece. Additionally, ask about the cost to purchase the part(s).

    Order the parts over the phone and schedule shipping or pickup as the delivery method.
    Wait to receive the parts in the mail or for a call to pick up the parts. Unpackage the parts after receipt.

    Remove the old earpieces from your eyeglasses, if not already removed. Unscrew the entire support arm using your eyeglass kit, if replacing the entire arm, or grasp the end of the earpiece sleeve and simply slide it gently from the arm.

    Attach the new piece. Screw on the new arm; or align the end of the arm with the hole at the end of the straight portion of the earpiece sleeve, insert the end into the hole and then carefully push the sleeve onto the arm without bending the end.

    Repeat with the other arm or sleeve as needed and then put on your eyeglasses in front of a mirror. If the glasses feel too loose or don't look right on your face, grasp the earpiece gently between your thumb and index finger and bend it slowly inward -- retrying the glasses as you bend until the glasses rest without the earpieces rubbing your head or flaring too much. If the glasses feel too tight or rub the back of your head, bend the earpiece slowly outward. If the arm is the issue, bend it in/out or up/down slightly as needed until it rests comfortably against your head.