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What causes goopy eyes in children?

My son told me that he got goopy eyes. It is so strange. What causes it? How can i help him?
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  • Elijah


    It commonly happens among children get goopy eyes. An eye infection, such as pink eye, bacteria, and virus, all can cause goopy eyes. If your child experience several discomfort, he or she may require see an eye doctor and take some medicine for help. You only need to clear away the matter in your child's eyes with the washcoth if your child does not have any uncomfortable feeling.
  • Sara scott


    Generally speaking, goopy eyes is resulted from something like dry eyes, which is an infection. And you will be required to take positive actions against your problem, and have healthy food and take more exercise before you are finally recovered ok? Just take him to a doctor and watch over the boy.
  • Desiree


    There are several reasons for goopy eyes. First of all, it may be caused by untidy habits such as usually using dirty hands or towels to wipe eyes, not very often cleaning eyes before or after bedtime. You should supervise your son to regularly do cleaning work of his eyes and tell him to pay attention to personal eye hygiene. Another reason may be unhealthy diets which consist of too much oily foods such as fried chicken, fried fishes which are children's favorite while they do not like eating vegetables or fruits which are rich in water and vitamins that are good for their eyes. You should put foods that contain much vitamin E such as carrots into his daily diet. Thirdly, if the goopy conditions are not changed, then maybe your son's eyes are infected by bacteria, and you should go to the doctor's for an examination. Pay attention to allow his eyes to have adequate rest.