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How to make eyes less irritated?

My eyes easily irritated. What can i do to make my eyes less irritated?
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  • Jonathan griffin


    That depends on the causes. If it is seasonal symptom(especially when spring comes it gets serious),you may have to pay attention to allergens(such as flower powder) that may induce the irritation, you can just do medical test to find the allergens. And sometimes the water you are using is not clean, you can make confirm of the water's safety by doing a research about your problem around you to find if others in your neighborhood have the same problem as you. Finally, the cosmetics (such as cream, shampoo, etc) you are using can be the cause of your irritation, so you can try to change them timely. Hope that can help you.
  • Savannah


    Well, according to what you told me, I can see that your eyes are very fragile and easy to get uncomfortable feelings. Anyway, it would be wise for you to get more rest and take breaks, apply some eye drops, or have healthy foods from time to time. Also , try not to damage your eyes by playing video games or something like that. Last but not least, try to keep in a good mood and prepare for a regular and healthy life.
  • Allen


    Eye irritation is a common eye disease. And there are many problems can cause eye irritation, such as pink eye, eye allergies, dry eye syndrome, corneal ulcer, blepharitis and so on. And you can use artificial tears or cold compress to reduce your irritiation eyes. And you can consult a professional doctor for help.