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Caitlin owen


Are fake contacts bad for your eyes ?

I have perfect vision. But i want to buy colored contact lenses that make my eyes appear purple. Can i do that? Or such fake contact lenses is bad to my eyes?
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  • walkietalkie131


    Generally speaking, color contacts are not bad for our eyes if you follow the instructions, particularly regarding how long you can wear your contacts and when you should replace your contacts. Colored contact lenses allow us to change the color of our eyes, and it helps to look more attractive and beautiful. You can choose one type that suit you best. It won't be harmful only when you follow the requirement of wearing it.


    Well, generally speaking, it will be fine to have color contact lenses, for there are many people who do not have vision problem, and still have color contact lenses to make themselves look nice and amazing. But on the other hand, when you wear them, you need to be careful to clean it. Or it will just infect your eyes, leading to some eye problems. The most common symptoms caused by infection are red eyes, pink eyes, even watery eyes. So just keep your contacts being clean.
  • Austin gerard


    Yes, the fake colored contact lenses will be bad for your health of eyes. There are a lot of young people now having the habit of wearing the colored contact lenses to make their eyes look big and beautiful. If you wear the fake contact lenses, your eyes will get friction easily and then get red. You'd better take great notice of it. Once you feel uncomfortable at the eyes, you need to take them off.
  • Rebecca


    Personally, I think the fake colored contacts are not good for wearing, since some fake plain colored contacts have prescription which will harm your eyes if you have a good eyesight. So if you really want to use colored contacts, you's better go to doctors'.
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