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Angelica giles


Can i fly after detached retina surgery?

If i'm going to take retina surgery, how soon can I fly after detached retina surgery? Is it safe to take an airplane?
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  • walkyr


    No, you can't fly after detached retina surgery because it will do great harm to your eyes. You can fly after six months when you finish detached retina surgery. If your eyes are in good condition six months later after the surgery, it proves the surgery is successful. Otherwise your eyes are not recovered. When your eyes are in good condition after six months, it is safe to take an airplane. But also you should be careful of pose when you sleep. You should sleep face down and avoid doing heavy work.


    You are not allowed to fly after detached retina surgery till you totally recovery from the surgery. In the surgery, sometimes, an oil bubbles is used to help keep the retina in place. And your body's own fluids will gradually replace a gas bubbles. And if there a gas bubble in your eyes, do not flay in an airplane until the gas bubble is gone. So, if you really need a fly, you'd better ask your doctors advice. Best wishes.
  • Nadine


    Well, in my opinion, you'd better not take airplane after surgery. As we know that if you take airplane after surgery, it will make your eyes become worse. For example, if you are taking the plane, you will make your eyes suffer from many difficult and dangerous problems, such as the eye strains. As we know that because of the gravity, the plane can give you a kind of pressure on your eyes, when it takes off. So that can lead to eye strains and also can hurt your eyes. And your eyes are so sensitive and fragile that you should not take the risk. Besides, For example, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night.
  • Karen


    You'd better not take an airplane within a month after you have taken the retina surgery. As we know, taking an airplane will cause the rise and fall in the blood pressure, especially for the taking off and leading. However, you should not let the eye nerves have great effect after the retina surgery. You should take a good rest for the eyes.
  • Joseph campbell


    So sorry to hear about your disease. So, actually, after taking retinal surgery, your eyes will have to take some time off to recover since their condition would be very unstable then. Generally speaking, it will take about several months before you are ok to fly, however, the final say goes to the professional doctor.