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Brittany green


Can i watch tv after cataract surgery?

How soon can i watch tv after cataract surgery?
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  • comingourloud


    In order to keep eye healthy, you better not watch TV within one week. After that you can watch a while but do not watch too long time each day, that will help you recover from cataract surgery. If you watch too long time it will make your eyes tired and as a result, eyes might be hurt again.
  • walerie


    No, your are allowed to watch TV if you want to recover your eyesight soon in a normal process. In the first month after the cataract surgery, you shall avoid refrain and rub your eyes. protect your eyes from dust or soap water. Also do not swim, not use a hot tub etc. Besides, you shall also suggested to wear protective eye patch at night when you sleep. Good wishes to you.
  • Collin Wallace


    Well, generally speaking, after the cataract surgery, you should not watch TV in the first week. So you can watch them after one week. As we know that it is can be dangerous if you use your eyes which have been made surgery, it can hurt them. They are sensitive and fragile. So if you watch TV, it will make your eyes to focus on one light, in a long time, it may lead to eye strain. Then that will cause dry eyes, or pink eyes. Anyway, you are not supposed to do that. Besides, you should not do exercises like jumping, running which can lead to serious result. Just be careful about your eyes. Having a good rest is effective for your eyes.
  • Mya


    You'd better not watch TV which may affect your vision after the cataract surgery. Your eyes are during the recovery time which should not be stimulated by the bright lights from the screen. You should wait for about a month. After a basic recovery, you could watch tv in less time.