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How to remove an eye freckle?

I have an eye freckle. What is the safe way to remove my eye freckle?
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  • crystal_jade13


    The eye freckle is caused by the not absorbed anti redness which is caused by the too long time of use in front of the computer. In a word, the dryness causes this. If you want to remove the eye freckles, you could accept the surgery which is safe and effective.
  • Gillian


    I want to recommend you three ways to remove your eye freckle. First, you can boil some water with Chinese waxgourd stem or calendula and apply the water on your face. That will help you moist your skin and remove an eye freckle. Second, it is better for have vitamin C and vitamin E every day. Or you can have a glass of tomato juice every day. Third, when you go out in the sun, you should take an umbrella and spread some sunburn cream on your eyes before you go out. Fourth, when you finish cleaning your face, make sure that your eyes is with no cleansing milk because cleansing milk can make your eyes full of freckle.
  • Jessica


    In fact, I rarely see people with an freckle in his eyes. But, you should know that there are basically no natural ways for you to remove it since it is set on the surface of your eyes. However, if you consult a professional eye doctor, there might be some possible ways to tackle this problem. Personally speaking, you should be careful not to make wrong decisions.