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Are expensive sunglasses better for our eyes?

Is it worth to buy more expensive sunglasses? Are they better for our eye health?
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  • Jonathan tuener


    It depends. Usually, we believe the old saying "we get what we paying for". But this rule can't completely apply to shopping. Sometimes you can get good things at cheaper prices and you may possibly to be cheated by expensive sunglasses. Besides, today there are some brands sunglasses that sold at high prices. But some common sunglasses can also meet your meets for shielding eyes. But their prices are different. So, we can decided to say expensive sunglasses are better.
  • Nathan


    The quality of sunglasses is the top priority when it comes to protecting our eyes. Most of sunglasses that cost much money do have better quality. However, that doesn't mean some affordable sunglasses are not good. Some designer sunglasses are expensive because of styles, quality and the famous brand. When you plan to buy sunglasses that can protect your eyes well, you need take some aspects into consideration, such as uv protection, materials, styles. Hope this helps you.
  • Maye


    Well, I can not say that. Of course, there are many sunglasses which are more expensive than other ones. Ad at the same time, they have good quality and can provide with wonderful function services. On the other hand, there are also some sunglasses which can give a good quality and available price. Maybe you can just search them online, such as the eBay.
  • chocolate_cute


    Although the expensive sunglasses with big brands are owned with excellent quality and fashionable design, they offer the same function as the sunglasses with suitable price. They are both coated with special materials to protect our eyes from damaging light. So there is no need just to buy the expensive sunglasses.
  • campbell


    Yes, expensive sunglasses are better for our eyes. At first, we should understand how sunglasses prevent ultraviolet rays. The principle is that sunglasses have a special film on the lens that will prevent ultraviolet rays. If we buy expensive glasses, we can believe that the quality of the sunglasses is good and they are not easy to wear and tear. Moreover expensive sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays and absorb useful light as well. If your sunglasses are of poor quality, they can’t prevent ultraviolet rays effectively. In that case, some ultraviolet ray may run into your eyes and make you feel sick, decreased appetite, forgetful and lack of sleep. But you must make sure your expensive glasses are of good quality before you buy them.