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How much are implantable contact lenses? Are they expensive?

How much do implantable contact lenses usually cost? Are they very expensive? Have you guys tried implantable contact lenses?
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  • Holly


    Yes. It is really not cheap to take implantable contact lenses. Although there are many factors that can affect the prices of implanting contact lenses, But implantable contact lens procedure usually cost between $1,500 and $5,000. So, if you plan to take implantable contact lenses, you at least prepare over $1500. Good luck.
  • Brook Park


    Well, you should know that all the Clinics charge different prices for the same procedure because they have different location and surgeon's fees. Even the technology used and facilities are different. And also, they do not give a clear number in public. So you should ask the clinic personally. Anyway, ut is kind of expensive. But for some people who want to improve vision and do not want to have eye surgery, maybe worth the money. As we know that Implantable Contact Lenses s a synthetic lens, very similar to a contact lens, which is permanently implanted into the eye to improve vision. But I have not tried them by now. so I also can not say whether they are effective or not.
  • Catherine williams


    The implantable contact lenses usually cost between $1,500 and $5,000. The implantable contact lenses are suitable for those people with prescription who are not suitable for lasik surgery and even don't want to wear glasses or contact lenses. They can wear the implantable contact lenses to correct their vision. Placed inside the eyes, wearing the implantable contact lenses is safe and effective which you should put it relax. However, because of the sophisticated procedure which can be used to help the vision, the implantable contact lenses are more expensive than other refractive surgeries. But it is worthy to have a try.
  • elite_couture


    I should introduce to you what the implantable contact lenses are.Well, thanks to the development of technology, nowadays we have more and more options from which to choose to improve our poor vision, and ICL is one of them and it is a newly introduced technology. By build ICL into your eyes, which means taking a surgery, you are able to improve your vision and you don't have to take it off every day. For further information, you may goggle it because it is too complicated to be explained here.