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Where to buy kate spade sunglasses and how much?

I want to know more about kate spade sunglasses. How much do they cost? Where can i find them?
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  • Alexandria taylor


    I saw some kate spade sunglasses online. And i find most of them are sold at $128. Still some of them are priced at $148. they are nice and cool. But i never worn them. So, i don't know if they are worthy. Here is the sites:,default,sc.html
  • Collin Wallace


    Well, Kate spade sunglasses are not expensive, so you do not need to worry about the prices, just pick one pair you like. You should know that they cost 70 dollars to 130 dollars at the shopstyle, which is a famous online shop. So maybe you can buy Kate spade sunglasses from it. It is actually cheaper than the real shop. Besides, their frames are made of Plastic and different colors for options, such as Tortoise, Black, Navy. Also, they are created for Female, and particularly suitable for Adult. And all of them are made with equally distributed weight to create ultimate comfort. So I think it will be a good choice for you to have a try.
  • Jose joyce


    About the kate spade sunglasses, they are cool at the design. About the price of them, the average price online is about $130. You could search it online and the online price is relatively cheap. You could go to the to have look. There are a lot of kate spade sunglasses.
  • elpropio


    Well, you should know that Kate Spade is an American brand which used to make quality purses and shoes for women. However, in recent years they began to produce sunglasses which are also fashion products. Generally speaking a pair of their sunglasses will cost you about 200 or 300 dollars, should not be too pricey. You can easily find them over large shopping centers or Walmart and Ebay.