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Can Anxiety Cause Vision Problems?

I have some vision problems recently. But they are not very serious. I doubt that whether they have some relation with anxiety.
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  • casebell


    I think anxiety can cause vision problems. It is said that vision problems with anxiety are difficult to deal with. When you are suffer from great anxiety, you may feel that there is something wrong with your brain and your eyes may feel dizzy. Your eyes will be affected by anxiety symptoms too. The best way is to relieve anxiety and relax yourself.
  • Jack


    Maybe it is difficult to believe that anxiety can cause eye problems, but doctors have already found some well-known eye issues related with anxiety. When we suffer from intense anxiety, our pupils dilate, this may cause light sensitivity and eye aches. And the tightening of the muscles in our face caused by anxiety may constrict the blood vessels to our eyes and cause eye pain, aches, or blurred vision.

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