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Danielle lewis


Are polarized lenses good for skiing?

Our family will go skiing next month, lol. Now we are preparing everything we need when we go to there. Do we need some certain glasses when we ski? How about polarized lenses? Are they good for our eyes?
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  • erraticgothles


    Yes, polarized lenses is good for eyes. It can protect the eyes from glares from snow during skiing. To get better eye protection, you shall choose special skii goggles with polarized lenses. They are special designed to shield the eyes from wind, snowflakeas well ad reflective light etc. Also, you shall check if the goggles are made with anti-foggy coating, which is also very important to people who skiing. Hope this can help you.
  • edward


    Yes, it is better for each of you to buy a pair of ski goggles rather than ordinary sunglasses when you are skiing. This is because that there are very strong sunlight on the snow where the light can easily be reflected and refracted into your eyes making your eyes very uncomfortable and even causing eye problems such as snow blindness. Besides, there is very strong cold wind blowing towards your face when you are skiing. To avoid these troubles, a pair of quality ski goggles with polarized lenses will be quite necessary and helpful. Polarized lenses will screen off the ultraviolet rays and reflected or refracted lights, thus protecting your eyes in skiing.
  • handy82


    Well, yes, in my opinion, polarized lenses can just be good for skiing, so you can just take them with you when you go to skiing. First, you should know that polarized lenses can be used by people who work outdoor. As we know that many harmful uv rays are contained in sunlight. So if you let your eyes exposed in sun for a long time without any protection, your eyes will be hurt. By wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses, it will just achieve this function, for they can block 100% of glare. Anyway, it will just protect your eyes from uv rays and strong sunlight.
  • Victor Lee


    Pro: Added performance in reeducation of glare and brightness

    Con: Added price, almost impossible to use at night / in heavily shaded areas

    For skiing, I think there would be very little advantage to using polarising optics, as the relfected light from the snow is almost certainly unpolaised due to the irregular surface. If you have some polarising specs, you can always tell what difference the polariser is making by leaning your head 90 degrees to the side, or rotating your goggles - which will effectivly switch off the polariser.
  • Rebecca


    Some opticians advise against wearing polarized lenses when skiing, however, because you may be unable to see the icy patches on slopes that you'll want to avoid.
    On the other hand, polarized lenses can reduce the "bounce-back" of sunshine off snow and ice that skiers might find bothersome.
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