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Jessica Stevenson


Can i go to the beach after cataract surgery?

Is it okay for me to go to the beach with my friends after my cataract surgery? Will my eyes be okay if I wear sunglasses by the beach?
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  • Christopher dale


    You need take good care of your eyes after cataract surgery. In fact, it is improtant to know dos and don'ts after cataract surgery. Because the short period after cataract surgery, your eyes is really tender and delicate,it is easy to get hurt and lead to some other problems. Here are some advice for your consideration. 1: Right after cataract surgery, we should avoid outside activity. Going to the beach is not proper, because the sunsight is really strong. So your eyes may get hurt. In fact, sunglasses is helpful as it can protect your eyes form injury and infection. 2: You had better not take a bath right after the surgery and you should avoid the soap water into your eyes when take a shower or wash your hands. 3: Avoiding rub your eyes with your hands. 4: Do not watch TV or read for a long time. Give your eyes enough time to rest. 5: Try to avoid lifting heavy things. If you have any problems, you should see a doctor immediately.
  • Gabriella


    Generally speaking, people need at least one week of rest at home after the cataract surgery, and they should take very great care of their eyes in case of the unsuccessful effects after the surgery due to inappropriate use of eyes. There is strong sunshine and strong sea wind on the beach, which is not good for your eyes just after the cataract surgery. The ultraviolet rays in the sunshine can do great harm again to your eyes, and the bacteria, sand, dust and so on can also easily infect your eyes. A pair of sunglasses could be a bit helpful for your eyes to screen off the ultraviolet rays in the sunshine, but it is better for you not to go to the beach. You can do some walking, playing some chess games to get rid of the boredom of staying at home.