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Why is my peripheral vision wavy?

It is very weird that sometimes my peripheral vision will get wavy. I am a little worried about this. Is this symptom serious? Why is my peripheral vision wavy?
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  • walkn0nsunshine


    Our eyes can indicate some more serious diseases of our body due to inner-connected relationship of our organs. Although the distorted vision may just be caused by the discordant eye muscles, you need to pay more attention to the underlying issues, especially for a migrane headache because one of its initial stage is wavy peripheral vision. It is wise to head to an ophthalmologist or optometrist avoiding further damages. Well, you can first do some simple examine by yourself. Tape a paper up to the wall, and then you can stare at a point at the center of the paper. Once you feel some distinct distortions, you are in danger. Seeing wavy motion can also signal floaters. In one word, you need to have an eye exam in professional places.
  • cook


    Well, generally speaking, if there is a problem with the processing or transmission of visual information, wavy peripheral vision may occur. And that can be kind of normal for many people. And then you should know that peripheral vision is very important in sports performance. In daily life, you can try a form of meditation called Hakalau which was used by the ancient Hawaiians to practice focusing on peripheral vision.

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