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Carlos rodney


Can i have a beer after cataract surgery?

I just had my cataract surgery. It was very successful. May I know that if I can have a beer after that surgery?
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  • DOUGLAS Fritch


    No, it is better for you not to drink any alcohol including the beer just after the cataract surgery. This is because that the alcohol can easily paralyse the optical nerves, which will do some harm to the whole effects of the surgery or hinder the smooth recovery of your eyes after the surgery. The care after the surgery is no less important than the surgery itself. You should drink or smoke or eat any irritative foods such as spicy dishes. Instead, you should eat more vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, cod-liver oil, and so on. Take adequate rest and sleep, do moderate exercises such as going for a walk rather than fierce sports like basketball or swimming. Do not read or watch TV for too long, nor in strong light.
  • Anthony cecil


    Hello, you had better not to drink after cataract surgery, if you really want to drink, a month after operation is allowed. As we all know, drink not only difficult to restore the effects to the eyes, but also damage to the liver. So do not drink after any surgery, drinking has some effect on the postoperative effect. It is recommended that patients with more attention to rest after cataract surgery, and also avoid watching strong light. Avoiding spicy stimulating foods is important, too.