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What features should sunglasses have?

Do you guys know anything about sunglasses? What features should a pair of sunglasses have? I just want to know, for no reason.
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  • cook


    Well, generally speaking, for sunglasses, they exactly need to be featured, so that they can be wildly used by many people. First, you need to know that the most important feature sunglasses should have is the uv protection. That is to say that they should have polarized lenses which have 100% UVA and UVB protection, when you go outside. Also, for many people, lightweight, yet flexible frames, adjustable nose pads and venting to reduce fogging and condensation should be considered too. Of course, it should make you look attractive. So in my opinion, ray ban sunglasses can be good choice, for they were the first company to actually design eyewear that was intended to protect the eyes from the sun while still looking good because of the carbon fiber material use.
  • Jackson raphael


    Sunglasses are usually used to protect the eyes in the sun. And the most dangers to eyes is the UV rays in the the sunlight. So, sunglasses are not just a pair of colored lenses to shield the eyes, They must also provide UV protection. This is the most basic feature of sunglasses. Besides, for a better eye protection, polarized lenses for sunglasses are also needed. They can filter glares reflected from smooth surface. If you want to choose sunglasses, of course, you shall choose a suitable pair that match your face size so as to protect your eyes.
  • walkingwounde_d


    A pair of good sunglasses should possess the following features. If you wear sunglasses just for the purpose of looking fashionable, you should choose a pair of sunglasses which can well match your clothes in the aspects of color, shape, style and so on. And most importantly, the sunglasses should conform to your individual characteristics. On the other hand, if you wear sunglasses in order to protect your eyes, you should pay attention to the materials that make up the the sunglasses, whether the glasses lenses are polarized or not, and so on. Because in sports like skiing, climbing, surfing or in driving and traveling during which you should protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, reflection light or refraction light, a pair of sunglasses with enduring materials and polarized lenses will prevent your eyes from getting harmed.

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