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Connor scott


Why does it hurt when you get smoke in your eyes?

Is it normal that my eyes will get hurt when I get smoke in my eyes? What should I do if this happens to me?
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  • marvina


    The smoke is made up of many small particles which means it is a kind of foreign objects, and when the smoke gets into the eyes, it will get in touch with the cornea and the eyeballs. As we all know, human eyes are very sensitive and vulnerable to foreign objects, so the cornea and eyeballs can easily be rubbed and ground by the small particles, thus causing some blood streaks in the eyes and making the eyes feel very painful. You should use clean flowing water to wash your eyes clean, and then apply some physiological saline or antibiotic eye drops into your eyes, and have a rest. After doing these, if your eyes still hurt very much, then it may be that the smoke is poisonous and you should go to the doctor's as soon as possible to take correspondent treatments.
  • Mariah


    Smoking can harm your overall body health and bring you severe diseases. Actually, smoking also affects your eyes. Smoke from the cigarette will make your eyes sore or watery. The particles from the smoke can also irritate your eyes and your eyes itchy sensation and inflammation. However, smoking can cause further damages to your eyes. There are delicate blood vessels in your eyes that transport oxygen and nutrients, which maintain the normal function of your eyes. But smoke from cigarette will damage the delicate eye blood vessels and makes them itchy and look bloodshot. The smoke is toxic and can threaten any part of your body including your eyes. Age related macular degeneration, cataracts and optic neuropathy are usually the side effects of smoking on eyes. If you already have eye problem, smoking will deteriorate it and eventually lead to permanent blindness.