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How long can i wear my contact lenses at one time?

I just got a pair of contacts last week, and this is my first time to wear contacts. I am wondering how long I can wear my contacts at one time. I think it may take me long to wear them for the first time.
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  • Justin fergus


    Well, comparing with eyeglasses, contact lens is much more convenient than eyeglasses. However, contact lens is easier to get infected. So, I suggest you had better remove it every night, otherwise you may develop some eye diseases, such as cornea damage. There are some tips when you wearing contact lens. First, personal hygiene is important. Befor you wear contact lens, you should wash clear your hands. Second, don't share contact lens with anyone. Third, if you feel uncomfortable, like itchy, dry or red, you should remove it and go to the doctor. You can search on the internet, and there are other tips.
  • elstrider


    How long you can wear your contact lenses at one time depends on what kind of contact lenses you wear. Unlike hard contact lenses, soft contacts are comfortable to wear and will not deprive your eyes of oxygen. But you cannot wear them too long. There are four kinds of soft contact lenses: single-use soft contacts, daily wear soft contacts, extended wear soft contacts and so on. You can wear single-use soft contacts for the whole day and throw them away at the bedtime. Even though the daily wear soft contacts are design for daily use, you can use them for more than one day. You can wear them throughout the day but soak them in solution at bedtime for the use of the following days. For other kinds of contact lenses, you should not wear them more than 12 hours at one time. However, since the time varies according to different individual, you should consult your doctor about that.
  • Tammi Pichardo


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