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Alexander david


How Can You Tell When You Have an Eye Infection?

My eyes are itching. I think I may have an eye infection. Can you tell me when can I know that I have got an eye infection?
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  • Andrea


    Dear friend, it is easy to tell when you have an infection. Though the symptoms may hide for few days before they totally present themselves in front of you, you should pay attention to these signs. If you feel your eyes are dry, red or itching. It is a sign of discomfort of your eyes. Then you can ask yourself what may cause this. If you don't know, you can ask the eye doctor to do it for you.
  • Sue


    Usually we can tell whether we have an eye infection or not from some symptoms of our eyes. But eye infection is very common and in many cases eye infection will go over on its own for few days without any special treatment. The most common symptoms are red and itching eyes, watery eyes, dry and puffy eyes. If you have some of them, you may have an eye infection.

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