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Kimberly quick


How fast do symptoms of pink eye show up?

My eyes are burning and red. It looks like pink eyes. How can i make sure they are pink eyes? And how fast do symptoms of pink eye show up?
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  • Eric quick


    Pink eyes is an eye infection or allergy. And pink eyes is highly contagious by directly contact. If you suffered from viral conjunctivitis, it usually takes 2 – 7 days for symptoms to appear. And in common, if you suffered from pink eyes in one eyes, the pink eyes may spread to the other eye about 48 hours. So, if you suffered from pink eyes, you are suggested to stay at home and cure it immediately.
  • walker8016


    As well know, pink eyes is a type of bacterial infection in the eyes. Or pink eyes is caused by allergy. And the time of the pink eyes showing up depends on what types of infection you got to your eyes. In common, the symptoms of pink eye will show up about 2 -7 days. And in common, pink eyes will last about a week. If you let it untreated, it may bother you longer. So, treat your eyes immediately if noticed symptoms of pink eyes.