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Why is my eye twitching and how do i stop it?

My eyes are twitching for nearly two months. It is so annoying. I need urgent help. Can you tell me what caused this and how to stop it?
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Answers (2)

  • george


    Are you suffering great pressure in recent months? Pressure, tiredness, fatigue, eye strain can cause eye twitching. If you are suffering one of them, I suggest you to have a good rest and relax your body. I also heard that banana can help reduce our pressures, you can have a try.
  • Ariana


    Dear friend, eye twitching is a common problem for most people but it will not bring us big problems though it is annoying. Usually it is a sign of fatigue of our body and eyes. The muscles around our eyes move more frequently than usual. But sometimes the twitching can be a sign of health problems. if you get your head bitten, the damage of the nerve in our brain will cause unstoppable muscles twitching, you need to have a thorough check.