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Can droopy eyelids affect the vision?

People with droopy eyes look really upset. I just want to know if there any side effect of droopy eyelids? Is it possible to lead to some vision problems?
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  • cattatra


    Droopy eyes also know as lazy eyes, is the abnormally low position of upper eyelid. There are two types of Droopy eyes: Acquired ptosis and congenital ptosis. Serious droopy eyelids not only can interfere with vision but also can cause headaches, and it occurs at any group of age. See a doctor if you have the above problem, especially for children, whose vision is still developing.
  • Erin


    Well, in my opinion, droopy eyelids cannot affect vision. So you do not need to worry about it. For droopy eyelids, it is often related with eye strain. And according to some researches, eye strain can just tighten your eye skin, and then in a long term, it will just affect your eyelid, leading to droopy eyelids. When someone has droopy eyelids, it will just make someone look unattractive. But there is nothing to do with sight. To treat it, you should have more water and have a good rest.
  • John


    It is really upset for you to have the droopy eyelids which will have many side effects. It is possible for you to get some vision problems. Your eyes may get dry easily. In addition, your eyes may be intense easily. That is why you get the eye strain easily. You'd better use some oil essentials to make the eyes part become moisture and release the droopy eyelid symptom.