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What to do for red irritated eyes?

My eyes are red now. Also, my eyes feel irritated. Why? Is it eye infection? How can i cure it?
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  • luis


    Maybe you got an eye infection. Don't worry! You can apply some artificial tears to relieve your symptoms before seeking medical help from an eye doctor. Sometimes red and irritated eyes can be caused by other causes such as sleep too late at night. Rub your eyes with dirty hand may cause irritated eyes too. If we pay attention the hygiene in our daily life, we can avoid infect our eyes.
  • Jason lester


    Besides using artificial tears, you can use some ice to help your irritated eyes. You have to close your eyes and then put some ice on your eyes. It may sound very easy and not special, but it can help your irritated eyes. You need to remove the ice when your eyes get cold. The cold can keep pain down.

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