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Nathan harris


can chronic dry eye cause blindness ?

I get chronic dry eye. Sometimes they are itching. I heard that dry eye will lead to blindness. Really? Anyone can give me an answer? But I don't know what caused my dry eye. Can you tell me how to cure them?
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  • Justin williams


    Hi, guy, I don’t think dry eye will lead to blindness though it is chronic dry eye, because we can learn how to prevent this from happening. We know that lots of researches are being done at this moment. They can help us cure many diseases such as cancers. I think the most important thing is to recognize what caused your dry eye. If it is caused by eye surgeries, you will need artificial to help moisten your eyeballs. If you are a hardworking worker and often spent too much time on your computer screen, you need to take a rest every half an hour and use some eye drops to relieve the discomfort. I also heard that there is some operation that can take out a salvia gland from your mouth then use it as a lacrimal gland to help produce more tears to moisten your eyeballs. You can consult your doctor about this.
  • Jonah


    Dear friend, I believe you won't go blind from dry eye because my uncle has the same symptoms as you have. And his situation is a little worse than this. He had some vision problems. He had the lasik eye surgery in the last year. it is a really successful surgery. Now I heard that he has sharp eyesight. You may have the sjogrens syndrome. Your dry eye may be caused by lack of tears. You can drink a lot of water every day and use artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs too. I still suggest you to consult your eye doctor.
  • Vernon Hull


    Hello, I have suffered from dry eyes, blurry vision, itchy morning eyes and aching eyeballs from working long hours on a laptop computer. Quite accidentally I found a cure that works for me! One week at work I seemed to be CRAVNG Japanese food. A Japanese restaurant is just walking distance from my office. Three days in a row I walked to the Japanese restaurant for lunch! After my third trip to the Japanese restaurant I noticed that particular afternoon that my eyes were producing more tears, I was blinking more often while working on the "tube" and my saliva also seemed to have increased! My eyes did not "ache" at the end of that work day! I believe I have traced it to the large bowl of miso soup (with extra seaweed!) I habitually consumed at the start of my lunches at the Japanese restaurant! As a test I purchased instant miso soup at my local health food store... careful to select a brand of instant miso soup which listed seaweed as one of the ingredients! I think the instant miso soup mix contained a seaweed named "dulse". Instead of coffee or tea I now make a cup of hot miso soup as a beverage whenever I am working long hours on my laptop. This has seemingly "cured" my dry eye and aching eyeballs. I know this seems too simple but it has worked quite well for me. I believe the iodine in the seaweed provides me with just the right amount of iodine supplementation to stimulate production of tears and offset the eyestrain I was suffering from... It may have been that I was suffering from borderline hyperthyroidism or somesuch! I don't really know all of the science behind iodine deficiency but I do know sea vegetables (kelp, dulce... etc.) contain trace amounts of iodine. I also purchased sea kelp granules at my local health food store. It is packaged in a round cardboard "shaker" container something like sea salt is packaged. I add about 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon of kelp granules to home made soups, broths and gravies etc. I also sprinkle the kelp granules on salads after tossing the salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. The kelp granules then "stick" to the salad greens. This is another easy way to get your daily requirement of iodine. I keep a cardboard shaker of kelp granules in my computer laptop knapsack. I carry the kelp granulse in my jacket pocket so I may sprinkle some on whatever I am having for lunch. This has worked for me. Try it! Who knows? It may work for you! BTW I have been sipping a cup of hot miso soup while writing this response!