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Angelica giles


Why do my eyes hurt when i open them?

When i open my eyes in the morning, my eyes feel hurt. Why? What does it mean to have eye hurt when i open my eyes?
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  • walkerstalker2


    According to your description, it can be considered that you may get xerophthalmia, which is usually called dry eyes. Dyr eyes, or xerophthalmia, is usually caused by the insufficient amount of tears secreted by the eyes or the quality of the tears is not good, which makes the eyes lack adequate water and nutrition. If left untreated, then the dry eyes may develop into the injury of the corneal epithelium. Immune inflammations, cell apoptosis, changes in sex hormone levels and so on can lead to dry eyes. Wearing eye contacts, inadequate sleep and rest, staying in dry environment are also reasons for dry eyes, as well as high pressure, too much exposure to ultraviolet rays, and increasing age, and so on. It is better for you to go to the doctor's for an eye examination to find out the exact cause your eye problem, so that the correct corrsepondent treatment can be applied to your eyes.
  • amanda


    Well, for your situation, I have to say that your eyes may suffer from eye infection in some degree. So you need to pay more attention to it. Of course, in common, there are many reasons which can be related with the hurt of your eyes. For example, when you get up in the morning, your eyes are accustomed to darkness. And when it opens, it will be hard for your eyes to adjust to the new light, which is so strong. In that way, it will just make the eyes hurt. Also, it also can be because of the eye infection, for there are many dirty objects in the air outside. Just be careful about it. At that moment, red eyes can be possible too.