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Can prescription glasses be used as safety glasses

What's the difference between prescription glasses and safety glasses? I got a pair of prescription glasses yesterday. Can I use them as the safety glasses?
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  • constans


    No, you can't use prescription glasses as the safety glasses. They may have different functions. Safety glasses must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than prescription glasses. The frame and lenses of the safety glasses are more durable. Regular prescription glasses often cannot meet the quality of safety glasses. But safety glasses may have prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. You can consult your eye doctor for some suggestions.
  • Alexa


    I think the difference between these two kinds of glasses lies in their materials and functions. Safety glasses can better protect our eyes from an accident. We know that there are many people who are injured by their glasses, because the common glasses are easy to break, and the broken pieces may injure our eyes. But the safety glasses are made by special materials. They can pass the basic impact tests, which can reduce the risks bought by broken glasses in an accident. So don't use prescription glasses as safety glasses.
  • Victor Lee


    Prescription glasses are not as firm as safety glasses. They can easily be broken. Personally I suggest you to get prescription safety glasses, they'll correct your vision while protecting your eyes.
  • Rebecca


    Absolutely not! Safety eyewear must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than regular eyeglasses,which optical professionals sometimes call "dress eyewear." This higher standard applies to both the lenses and the frames of safety glasses and goggles.Regardless of their size or the durability of the frame and lenses, regular prescription eyeglasses do not qualify as safety glasses unless they meet specific criteria.
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