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Jeff N


Can sunken eyes be reversed ?

It looks ugly with sunken eyes. Do you know how to get rid of it? Any idea?
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    Sunken eyes are an age-related eye condition, which could present as dark circles under the eyes. There are many reasons to get sunken eyes, such as wearing framed glasses, heavy dark circles or eye pouch. I am glad to supply you with some methods to get rid of it. The most simple and effective way is using a hot compress on your eyes for 10 minutes, and you can change to a clod compress for another 10 minutes. Alternate between cold and hot compress until you see changes. Placing some food slice over your eyes, such as raw potato, cucumber, for 15 minutes is also helpful. Last but not the least, try to massage eyes with ring finger each morning after wake up and evening before sleeping. Follow these tips above, you will recover soon.
  • Daniel gerard


    Well, when you have sunken eye, it will just make you look ugly and older than you really are. And in common, it may not need to be treated and will disappear in several days. You can try some ways to reduce the symptom. Put some warm compresses which can just do a help to your situation too. By the way, to relieve your situation, you can just have a good rest and drink enough water and eat fruits.

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